TL once more sets a standard for the ESPORTS industry. With our strong encouragement towards other organizations to adopt SC2ProMod we drive professional ESPORTS like no other.

riptide, admin


StarCraft II is not viable as an eSport in its current state. It is a slow macro game that is terribly imbalanced. Playing with this mod is the first time StarCraft II has felt "right" since release.

NonY, progamer


From the outset, it quickly became clear that the StarCraft community would have to modify this game ourselves to ensure it became competitive at the highest level. This mod is the culmination of hundreds of man-hours of programming and testing. It has been painstaking for our team to test, but I am now confident this will be the first step to finally balancing StarCraft II.

Chill, moderator


Europeans will not like it.

Idra, progamer


The balance plays out amazingly. TL did a great job recreating proper build timing as well. With the new queen, I can do my 3 hatch into 5 hatch hydra as if I was playing SCBW.

ret, progamer


Terrible terrible damage.

Dustin Browder


This is what Korea has been waiting for! This is esports!

Artosis, ESPORTS evangelist


배찌님 안녕하세요~ 저는 1년정도 동안 덕분에 외국에서 스타를 즐기고있는 유학생입니다~ 한가지 궁굼한 점이 있어서 이렇게 적어봅니다. 써든어택 리그는 이제 안하는건가요 아님 그냥  올리시는건가요? 마지막으로 배찌님이 올려주신 써든어택 리그는 온게임넷 슈퍼리기였던데. 이제 더이상 써든 리그는 없는건가요

SangHo, eSTRO progamer


We expected a thriving mod scene sooner or later. That this happened during the beta is a surprise to us though, and we are still discussing our official statement. Also, there will be no LAN support.

Rob Pardo


First we didn’t think it would be possible to create SC2ProMod before the SC2 release. After all, Blizzard hasn’t implemented much of the game yet, and large parts of the Beta are protected against crackers. They did a much better job obfuscating their SLO’s for example. However, after probing some of the less obvious registers it appeared that they forgot to properly pad a couple of the bigints on the D3D integration. From there, injecting a hook for SC2ProMod into the Hold-RIs was a piece of cake. The rest was straightforward assembly redialing.

R1CH, wizard

Pro Interview: TSL Champion NonY

teamliquid.net: Hi NonY, thanks for taking the time to talk with us.

Liquid`Tyler: Not a problem.

teamliquid.net: Let's jump right into it. Obviously you've been part of the testing team for StarCraft II pro mod. How did you get involved?

Liquid`Tyler: I've been consulting teamliquid for awhile now since I joined the actual team, Liquid` (confusing I know). I saw in the staff forum that R1CH was working on modifications to Battle.net. Someone asked the question if we could use this mod to edit the unit properties and stats to rebalance the game. When I read that it was possible, I got really excited and wanted to get involved.

teamliquid.net: This is a bit of a risky project, threatening to split the community in two and put teamliquid in bad relations with Blizzard. Is it really necessary?

Liquid`Tyler: Absolutely. StarCraft II has so many problems that are only visible by the top players. I've read comments on the forums that StarCraft II is a viable eSports - that is simply not true. The game is so sluggish and simplistic that I haven't had a desire to play it beyond a few dozen games in my division. All the top players are saying the same thing, and Blizzard isn't listening. Teamliquid has controlled the StarCraft community before, so why not the StarCraft II community? People will still be able to play both versions, but you would be a fool to try to be a competitive player without using the mod.

teamliquid.net: Can you go on about some of the bigger problems that you had with StarCraft II?

Liquid`Tyler: Where to start? The most basic principle of StarCraft, defender's advantage, has been removed. Infantry charge up my ramp so easily and break cannons like they're not even there. The game was in a state where you mass units and just attack your opponent in one huge battle. It's just ridiculous. It reminds me of watching Warcraft 3 actually. Outside of that, there are units that are designed for harassment only, such as the reaper. It serves no function in any battle except harassing a base. Things like this just make the game so simple and obvious.

teamliquid.net: How did you and the balance team arrive at the final version of this mod?

Liquid`Tyler: It's important to understand that this is not a final version. It will be retested and continually updated. I was mostly involved in game testing, none of the theoretical balancing, so I'm not sure how they arrived at what they did. Once I played a dozen games, it became clear to see "this is overpowered" or "this is redundant" or even "this race suffers from this weakness." Then we changed it and tried again.

teamliquid.net: So how is the balance at release?

Liquid`Tyler: It's good but not perfect. It is a lot better than vanilla SC II though. I feel the most important thing is that this mod rewards skill. I felt I was getting no benefit from being a highly skilled player at SC II. I was losing games to players with terrible skills because they massed the right unit and a-moved. This game injects the skill back into SC II that was missing.

teamliquid.net: Will everyone like this mod?

Liquid`Tyler: Smart people will. I think almost all the Americans will quickly move to this. The Koreans too will understand that this improves the game. Some cheesy players, eastern Europeans and south Americans will probably not like it. Anyone with an understanding of the game will like it.

teamliquid.net: Thanks for your time NonY.

Liquid`Tyler: No problem. Good luck to everyone trying the mod.


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