Play StarCraft 2 like it was meant to be played

Are you tired of rolling the dice on build orders and unit choices? Are you worried that StarCraft II won't have the same professional appeal as Brood War? Look no further, because while Blizzard caters to the casual players, puts the "sports" back in esports. proudly presents StarCraft 2 Pro Mod, a community-wide, professional player inspired effort to bring SC2 back to its progaming roots: When skill and skill only decided who won.

Choose SC2ProMod and Become a Pro

With just a few subtle changes to Starcraft 2, has greatly "professionalized" the game. With SC2ProMod's release this week, we fully expect the majority of SC2's competitive userbase to convert within three months. After just a few games, top players like Liquid`Tyler, Liquid`Nazgul, Liquid`Drone, and Liquid`FrozenArbiter have already made the switch.

"Smart people will [switch]. I think almost all the Americans will quickly move to this. The Koreans too will understand that [SC2ProMod] improves the game. Some cheesy players, eastern Europeans and south Americans will probably not like it. Anyone with an understanding of the game will like it."

-- TSL Champion Nony (full interview)

Get Ready For Some ESPORTS

With TeamLiquid's help, we can take back SC2 and restore StarCraft to its rightful place as a competitive RTS and the king of professional gaming. Don't be left behind. Try SC2ProMod today.

Starting with the release this month all TeamLiquid events will be run using SC2ProMod.

We strongly urge other organizations that want to hold high level SC2 events and tournaments to adopt SC2ProMod.